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Hey There!

We are Lisa and Reece Beck, a married couple from Newcastle with a passion for photography.  In fact we met through our shared love of Photography a few years ago and got married in 2022!  We live with our son Caleb and our Cat, Ollie!  We rescued Ollie from an adoption centre 4 years ago and if Lisa had her way we would have a house full of them haha!!

When we aren't working we love to travel, some of our favourite places we have visited recently are Marrakech, Venice and Tuscany where we experienced wine tasting in the most beautiful vineyard and lets not talk about when Lisa fell off a camel in the Agafay Dessert in Marrakech!! 

Photography is in our DNA, we are never without our cameras wherever we go and love to capture everything from Animals to Landscapes.  Reece was recently published in Framed Photography Magazine for a stunning shot he captured in the snow at Jesmond Dene, a beautiful place near where we live.  You can see more of our other work over on  


Travelling and capturing our memories is what makes us feel alive 

For our honeymoon we went on a cruise round the Med and absolutely fell in love with Italy and France.  We ate French bread and cheese in Cassis, tasted wine in a stunning Vineyard in Tuscany, sipped Amaretto on the Cote d'Azure and ate authentic Italian pizza overlooking the tower of Pisa.  It was really a dream come true and our dream is to have a place in Italy one day where we can live our lives through the lens of our camera for the rest of our lives!  

We've also been to Venice, Marrakech and Kefalonia in the last 12 months.  We really do make the most of our down time!  We are working our way through our travel bucket list and Photography is the number one thing that drives our travels.  Are you even a photographer if you don't have an image bucket list??


Some of our travel shots 


And Finally.......

So you already know how much we love our camera's, travel and our little family.  You may aswell have some random fun facts about us!

Lisa is an absolute hopeless romantic, always believes in the fairy tale and is a fanatic lover of old English Literature.  Pride & Prejudice is her absolute favourite and Mr Darcy will always be the first name that gets suggested whenever we get new goldfish, cats, or anything else that can be given a name!!  Lisa also loves a good old Cup of English Breakfast Tea, some shortbread to dunk in it and a good Netflix series!!

Reece loves the outdoors, is an adrenaline junkie and can always be found climbing something to 'Get that shot'.  He loves to Fish for Carp, explore old abandoned buildings and relaxes with a bit of Xbox!  A loyal Coffee drinker, Galaxy chocolate muncher and a good old Netflix marathon always puts a smile on his face!!





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